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InnoRail Budapest is a series of professional conferences for the railway industry organised biannually in Budapest. The conference was created in 2013 by Hungarian professionals committed to rail transport with the aim of a joint reflection about the present and future development of rail transport. Today we can already say that this tradition-creating event has achieved its aim – it has created a genuine forum for an exchange of ideas between the different professional areas, for discussing practical problems, for presenting and disseminating new developments, equipment and methods. 

This time the 4th event of the series of conferences – Innorail 2019 — took place in Budapest between 12-14 November, 2019.  

During the three days we welcomed 412 participants (247 from Hungary and 165 from abroad) from 28 countries, including Sweden, Spain, Albania and even Argentina. During the event 65 presentations took place in two sections, given by 22 Hungarian and 43 foreign presenters. At the exhibition stands 28 companies presented themselves, 21 of them from abroad.   
Based on the feedback that we have received so far, the event can be described as valuable and useful in terms of the number and quality of the presentations, and in terms of networking. In addition, the venue, the catering and the social events were praised by the participants from Hungary and from abroad alike, including guests from Montenegro and Switzerland.  

Our objective is that railway engineers should come to Hungary every two years from the whole of Europe for a real exchange of professional ideas, since we need to think ahead and engage in a multinational discussion for the future of railway traffic.

One of the main priorities of the EU remains to build a safe, modern and integrated railway network, which can make railway traffic more competitive. Traffic infrastructure is being developed in Hungary too at huge pace. Rail tracks, interlocking / signalling systems and rolling stock are undergoing a generational change.  

As the increase of utilisation of railway gives further tasks to professionals in the whole of Europe, further competitive developments are necessary in the railway sector – the backbone of community traffic – to make it even more environment friendly and to make sure that it can take some of the burden off the public roads. This objective is facilitated by resources available at an unprecedented scale.  

Our aim is to contribute to the effective use of these resources with the means available for an international, European railway conference. 

It is for this reason that we are looking forward to having you here in Budapest in 2021!